Treffen 10. Januar 2018

Unser Bändle Quilt nimmt Form an!


Wir hoffen auf viele Quilts, rege Teilnahme, und viel Spaß bei unserer Austellung.

Es gibt noch Zeit eure Quilts anzumelden!

2 Gedanken zu „Treffen 10. Januar 2018

  1. abydolinger

    The quilts are lovely, as always. I am interested in the „band“ quilts. What were the parameters of the project, and how will they be displayed at the upcoming quilt show?

    1. Karen Autor

      Our group quilt idea came from an existing strip quilt. Each member sewed and quilted a 20 cm by 240 cm quilt. We all used a common backing, but otherwise any style goes.

      Here’s the original picture that inspired us. On the group blog you can see several of the individual quilts.

      Retirement is great! I’ve been using leftover vacation which will keep me officially employed until the end of July. Then my company pension starts. Detlev will start using his saved time starting in August, so I have time to adjust to being home all the time. Yes, my sitdown longarm is fabulous. Two stitch regulator sensors provide a beautiful stitch, and I’m learning ruler work as well. Really perfect for me. I have to share the project I finished today. It’s for a competition at the BFQ next week, so don’t share it please. We a making small quilts to show off our guild and quilting pins. I’m so thrilled I could burst. Ruler work, FMQ, my own design inspired by the great quilting motifs seen in the interwebs. So much fun.


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